The information for readers of electronic research-and-production magazine "AgroEcoInfo"


     Since 2010, the magazine "Agroecoinfo" is included in the List of leading peer-reviewed scientific journals and publications in 8 specialties:

  • 06.01.01 – General agriculture, plant growing (agricultural sciences);
  • 06.01.05 – Selection and seed-growing of agricultural plants (agricultural sciences);
  • 03.02.08 – Ecology (by branch) (biological sciences);
  • 03.02.13 – Soil science (biological sciences);
  • 03.02.14 – Biological resources (biological sciences);
  • 05.20.01 – Technologies and farm mechanization means (technical sciences);
  • 05.20.02 – Electrotechnology and electric equipment in agriculture (technical sciences);
  • 05.20.03 – Technologies and means of maintenance service in agriculture (technical sciences).

     The magazine is registered as a mass media - electronic scientific publication "AgroEcoInfo: Electronic scientific and production journal".
     Registered by International Organization for Standardization on ISSN (International Standard Serial Number).
     Included in the system of the Russian Science Citation Index (RSCI).
     Accredited and has an individual prefix in the "DOI" system.

     The magazine is published in Russian and English languages.

     For acquaintance with articles published in magazine "AgroEcoInfo", it is necessary to choose in the Main menu of magazine "Current issue" or any other of "Archive of issues".

     Besides page with a current issue, to the reader are accessible also:

  • Page with the summary to each article of number, containing also keywords to it, date of the publication and the reference to the full text of article;
  • Personal page of each author of issue;
  • The author's index;
  • The index of all articles of the magazine located alphabetically;
  • The index of all articles of magazine on years

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