2017,    N 1 (27)    


      Hromtsev D.,     Vinogradov D.,     Garmasch N.,     Gogmachadze G.

Application biostimulants cultivation in grades for seeds coriander



     Akmanayev E.

Comparative assessment of trends in the use of winter rye and winter triticale in the middle Urals


      Nechaeva T.,     Fotev Yu.,     Naumova N.,     Savenkov O.,     Smirnova N.

Tomato plants production process in the open field in the south of West Siberia


      Hromtsev D.,     Vinogradov D.,     Gogmachadze G.

Yield coriander depending on the sowing date and herbicide treatment options



     Chernikov V.,     Yunusov Kh.

Assessment of the ecological status of freshwaters and modern and effective methods of purification from contamination


      Ilyinskiy A.,     Vinogradov D.,     Gogmachadze G.

Comprehensive assessment of contaminated petroleum hydrocarbon soil and ground as a basis for their effective biological treatment


     Yunusov Kh.,     Chernikov V.,     Lyalina I.,     Soltanov S.,     Victorov I.,     Krivosheya I.

Environmental assessment of the influence of anthropogenic factors on surface water and water purification from impurities


     Konoplev N.,     Popov S.,     Ignatov A.

Effect of bacterial symbiont Cardinium on reproduction of two-spotted spider mite Tetranychus urticae (Acari: Tetranychidae)



     Kuznetsov E.,     Goncharuk A.,     Kovalevskij V.,     Lisenko A.

Methodological justification adaptation system trucks to operating conditions in the agro-industrial complex of the Amur region


     Voronin S.,     Zhogalev A.,     Tsyganov V.

Rarionale of the area of solar panel for stand-alone solar power system


      Berezhnov N.,     Syrbakov A.

Substantiation of parameters and operating modes of a cultivation and sowing unit as illustrated by a cultivation unit "KUZBASS-T"


      Makarov V.

Substantiation of technical and economic efficiency of soybean-sapropel fodder additive preparation


     Shcitov S.,    Kuznetsov E.,    Polikutina E.

The effect of redistribution of weight between the axles of the tractor drawbar on width, and slipping performance of machine-tractor unit



     Salnikova L.,     Baeva E.

The study of the flora and vegetation surrounding the village of Gorkovka, Tyumen district, with the identification of rare species of plants